MULTITALENT Ltd. was founded in Tel Aviv, Israel in 1997 by its founder, the Actual chief designer and CEO, Shai Touboul.

The company specializes in creating artistic production for premium events. Its activity includes: designing exhibits for private and corporate luxury events, designing costumes for meg-shows and performances, logistical production of events, casting artists and talents representations. 

The company operated for more than a decade mainly in Tel Aviv but in recent years it has expanded its activities around the world as well:

  • The company is represented in Los Angeles, USA, for about 10 years, by FIREFLYLA - a production company of events and multimedia.
  • The company operates in Cyprus through a local subsidiary "NORA & SHAI PRODUCTIONS" that specializes in producing events and sales promotions for companies in Cyprus and Greece.                                                                              

Out of the company's extensive operations and the endless variety of events in which it took part, one can note in particular the following major areas and events:                                                             

The company creates costume design for gigantic shows and mega-performances as well as straight theatre:

  • RITA – “ONE” (summer 2006)   - Designing Costumes for the biggest music show ever held in Israel in Cooperation with Cellcom (Israel's biggest cellular company) and on a budget of over 20 million NIS. The show ran 30 times for an audience of 90,000 people.
  • SARIT HADAD – “RACING LIFE” (summer 2009) – Sarit Hadad's celebrating a decade of her career in Caesarea. Designing all costumes for Sarit Hadad, the dancers and the musicians. The show was filmed for a successful DVD that was sold thousands of copies and was broadcast on Channel 2 TV.
  • 16TH  MACCABIAH - The opening ceremony - Designing about 3000 different costumes as well as creating one huge dress that was spread over a size of half a football field and a height of 7 meters for singer Gali Atari.
  • THE SHENILIYOT" - Designing costumes of a satire entertainment show at the “Habima” (Israel National Theatre) and “Tzavta” theater in 1999-2000.                               

The company is also engaged in designing atmosphere by creating spectacles performances for unique events as well as producing and directing those performances, according to customers' brand values, artistic requirements and events' themes

  • LORRAINE SCHWARTZ - NEW YORK 2010 - Costume design for live performances at the launch event of the 2BHAPPY jewelry line, hosted by global pop star: Beyonce.
  • THE MILLENNIUM PARTY AT THE PALACE HOTEL - St. Moritz, Switzerland –Designing  Atmosphere and costume design for artist's performances under the auspices of renounce producer Michael Stern.
  • LUXURY EVENTS IN LOS ANGELES - Creating atmosphere:

o   Emmy Awards 2008 – after party     

o   Joe Jackson (Michael Jackson's Father)75th birthday party - held at the famous Neverland estate.

o   Lucian Michael Freud's 2006's exhibition at the MOCA (The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) - Launch event.